Bathtub Refinishing Training


Bathtub Refinishing Training When the cusrso this finalisado you will have finished bathtub refinishing your tub the class give you the task necessary to make the job professionaly global improvement is the best training course available.
Not only will you be working on your own actual retouching jobs, too
Be working with some of the best refiners in the world. You will receive
From our full-time professional owners and refiners, who do
Good living repainting bathtubs, countertops, vanities, tiles, appliances and
Other kitchen and bathroom accessories. Prices

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Bathtub Refinishing Training is in all USA

Not only do we teach you to refine, but we teach you how to market and run
A successful business. We are a second generation repainting company with
Our own formulas and services.

Using your own bathroom and kitchen, you will be trained in real life
Conditions with results that you will be proud to show your family and friends.

The preparation on the surface You will not only be sitting around shifts in a clawfoot tub in the middle of

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Bathtub Refinishing School

Your training will include:

РChemical mixture and safety and equipment  cleaning.
– Different Coatings and Suppliers.
– Understand the current role of Epoxy in the industry.
– Use of Wipe-on bonding agents.
– Use and maintenance of your spraying equipment.
– Safety and care of the equipment.
– Surfaces that can be Refinished.
– The best cleaners to use.
– To record or not to record.
– Adequate masking of the work area.
– Refinishing devices.

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– Non-slip surfaces (SRS) for bathtubs and fiberglass shower cubicles.
How to repair sags and runs.
– Stone finishing and / or multi-speck pattern applications.
– Commercial and commercial assistance.
– How to charge for your work, including estimation.
– Basic concepts of business, Licenses and Insurance.
– Warranty and Conditions of Contract (how to protect yourself).
– Training, compensation of technicians.
– Description of the modification of the bathtub for the retired,
Disabled and with reduced mobility.
– Marketing and advertising of a repainting business.
– The best places to get business (Hotels, apartment complexes, etc)
– Each student receives a certificate of completion as a qualified professional.