Bathtub refinishing  vs. remodeling

Bathtub refinishing vs. remodeling what is the difference? let me I talk yoI’m a tremendous fan of keeping old, antique bathroom fixtures.

A few years ago I attended the bathtub refinishing School in Chicago, probably the best school for bathtub refinishing on the world I learn about re-glazing vs. remodeling.

According to the school and my experience, you can save 80% from re-glazing a tub and tile surrounds when comparing that to the cost of tearing everything out and installing a new tub and tile surround.

I didn’t realize that you can also re-glaze counter tops, sinks fiberglass enclosures and bathtub stalls with a choice of over different option multi-stone colors. Of course, Bathtub refinishing vs. remodeling is a big difference in money and time.

Reglazing A Vintage Claw Foot Tub

What I really was interested in speaking to Steve about was refinishing of vintage claw foot tubs. I’ve always loved the claw foot tub and feel that they are still the best soaking tub around, not to mention an awesome accent piece to any bathroom.

The vast majority of refinishing a claw foot tub involves preparation work and a small amount of painting.
First, the tub is sand blasted in a shop equipped to handle any lead dust.

Bondo, similar to motor vehicle repair, is then used to fill up voids, pits, and other blemishes.

In the event the tub is nice and clean, lead and problem free the interior of the tub is acid scratched, primed and painted.

Two layers of a two part resin and catalyst primer and two to three coats of finish paint are applied.

A minimum of two days is required for this finishing process and will result in a brand new looking tub.

Bathtub refinishing danger materials


How much time will the new refinishing finish last?

With the proper cleaning care, you can expect almost ten years services.

So don’t replace it re-glaze

Materials and Tools:

  • HVLP
  • exhaust fan
  • knife
  • spreader
  • stir stick
  • 240-grit sandpaper
  • Mask respirator
  • Gloves
  • Cleaner scraper
  • Bondo
  • Resin
  • base Primer
  • catalyst
  • primer reducer
  • paint thinner

Claw foot refinishing

Claw foot refinishing is beauty and relaxing place in the bathroom, to refinishing or repair we need first to install the exaust fan system to vent toxis fumes outside, after that we need to clean with soap, and acetona to remove the grease and organisc waste on the surface, after that we need ato apply the pait scrape is a chemical product that make soft the oldone pain and makeing easy remove the oldone coat yes id a big difference between Bathtub refinishing vs. remodeling.

Is beauty and relaxing place in the bathroom, to refinishing or repair we need first to install the exhaust fan system to vent toxic fumes outside, after that we need to clean with soap, and acetone to remove the grease and organic waste on the surface, after that we need to apply the paint scrape is a chemical product that makes soft the old one pain and making easy remove the old one coat.
We need to cover the gaskets or remove is very important use safety glasses and rubber gloves to clean the claw foot tub.
Once the stripper paint make the work we need to scrape with a tool and cleanup everything, hidrofluoric acid make a best job if We spread unifom over the surface and wait almost 30 minutes
We need to reapir holes and troubles using bondo and sand, after that rinse, dry perfect, and apply the primer, after the primer is dry we need to aply the clear and done
the job.
After 24 Hours We can use the clawfoot tub.